Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Birthday

Thanks for diming me out Lisa! Just kidding, thanks for thinking of me on my birthday! When I was a child, I always laughed at my mom and her friends when they would lie about their ages. I thought "how silly, what is the big deal." So, here I sit today on my birthday wondering where in the Hell all the years have gone. I can honestly say I stopped counting at thirty and child number three. Today when my husband asked me how old I was, I actually had to stop and think for a minute. Thoughts constantly run through my mind like "I am not old enough to be the mother of a child who will be driving in two years" (what a scary thought). I am sure every mother feels the same way when one day they are changing their babies diapers and then they turn around and they are handing the keys to the car over to that same child. I guess there are two ways I look at it, either I am one foot closer to the grave or this is God's idea of a very, very bad joke. Anyway, it was a nice birthday. The kids managed only to get into two screaming matches today. In honor of my birthday they were on their best behavior. My mom (who will always be older than me) made me a lovely dinner. My husband let me cook him breakfast, eggs and sausage. And everyone got to eat ice cream and cake until they exploded! Thanks again Lisa - You truly are my best friend!

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