Thursday, May 28, 2009

A typical day in the life of a mom...........

Four kids! All different ages, personalities, complaints, issues, etc. How do we keep it all straight and not lose our minds!?! I have a son graduating (I hope) next week from high school with MAJOR senioritis (which I have contracted) and I am holding my breath until the diploma reaches his hands. The threats that one particular teacher has, that your kid has never meshed with since day one, that he holds the power not to pass him and he will have to earn his GED. HOW DO YOU EVEN GET A GED? COME ON! MY KID GOT A 30 ON HIS ACT! NO PROBLEM IN ANY OTHER CLASS EVER!! WHY DOES THERE ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ONE HEMORRHOID IN THEIR EDUCATION!? I am a firm believer that some teachers have absolutely no business in teaching, and it scares me that they are with our children the amount of time they are. But my son has been lucky enough in high school to have some of the most amazing teachers I have ever seen in my life and it makes me wish I were young enough to go to this high school (but we can never go back). My other two angels have another long week of school after this week. To boot, I had the pleasure of bringing my daughter's culture project up to her school today because it was too much to carry on the bus.....ever try to carry a large poster board, a 40lb box of Mexican cookies and a bag of tamales all while chasing your 2-year-old who runs off on you in a rain storm! It ain't pretty!! And today, you could wear the air it is so humid!! Then I have to run in very quickly to grab literally one item at the grocery store and meet the oldest (and nicest) man on the planet who just wants someone to talk to. So I listen to him for 45 made me realize that we need to slow down and just listen. You can learn a lot....he was right, everyone is in such a hurry today and it is making everyone so angry and stressed. We all need to slow down and just be grateful for our children, for our health, for our neighbors, for our family, for our friends, for our schools and teachers (the good ones), for peace, for watching out for one another....for taking time to listen to a lonely old, sweet man

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