Friday, May 22, 2009

Popping With Grace

Today grace (the 2 year-old) and myself went popping (that's what she calls it because she is unable to say shopping). Anyway, I am beginning to think my husband and I are in big trouble when she gets older. We went to Kohl's because we had a 15% coupon and it is a Kohl's cash weekend (If you have a Kohl's by you and you do not shop there I highly recommend it). She really wanted a pair of flip-flops so we went into the shoe isle. She was sitting in the Kohl's stroller/shopping cart in the narrow isle while I looked at shoes. In the 3 minutes I had my back turned on her while I was looking at shoes she managed (and I am not exaggerating) to pull 25 boxes off the shoe racks, put a pair of shoes on, and then put her shoes back in the box and put it back on the shelf. I was horrified. Not only did she make a complete mess of the isle, she had put her shoes amongst the other 300 boxes and I had no idea which box they were in. I summoned a sales associate and explained my predicament to her and she was kind enough to help. After 10 minutes we finally found her shoes. Out of embarrassment, I quickly made my way to the register, checked the cart for anything she might have stuffed in the stroller while I was not looking and paid for our merchandise. As we walked out the door, I said a little prayer that the security sensors would not go off and in the back of my mind hoping we would not be tackled by loss prevention as we walked out the door. We made it safely to our car and drove home. Isn't being a mother fun?

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